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Is There An Advanced French Course?

I’ve finished French basics 1&2 and would love to move on to a more advanced course but can’t see any advanced courses on offer? Is this as far as I can go with Duolingo, apart from practicing?

February 8, 2018



When you say you've finished basics 1 &2, what do you mean? the 'level' 13 would suggest you've gone way beyond those circles on the duo course. But no, there is no second course here.


Every now and then people post questions to the discussion group asking "what now?" There are lots of options for going beyond DuoLingo. You shouldn't have a problem going farther, although you may have to pay.

Some free ones are:

Looking for a Meetup group in your location

Skype conversations with French speakers: https://www.language-exchanges.org/

Reading French websites (with a dictionary). I'd look at news sites, but you may find others that match your interests.

French YouTube videos. Don't just look at ones designed for teaching the language, look at YouTube videos that happen to be in French

French movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime (turn off the English subtitles)

But this is just touching the surface. There are other alternatives out there. Just start skimming the Discussion group.


Try doing the reverse course, English for French speakers. You will have to write alot more of your answers in French so it is far more challenging and good practice. Also, check out the stories if you haven’t done so yet. I also recommend the site tv5.monde as a good place to practise comprehension, and as others have suggested start trying to read, watch youtube, listen to music etc.

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