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Bugreport: Learning from multiple source language confuses Duo.

To showcase the “German -> English” duolingo I “started learning” it to day and took the placement test. Afterwards I returned to French only to find my progress was reset. Well, it wasn't -- On closer inspektion I found myself inside of “German -> French” instead of the usual “English -> French”.

Apparently, Duo found it fitting to switch my French class over to German as well. A behavior which is unwanted and confusing. Can you try to fix this? (And make sure it is stable for three and more source languages as well ;-D )

April 15, 2014



Do you recall how you tried to 'return to French'? Once your UI language was set to German, maybe you switched to the French tree accidentally.


Yes, my UI was set to German while doing that.


If you're using the dropdown in the topbar, this will switch you between languages in your current UI language. If you want to select a learning language in a different UI language, you can either use your settings or the Courses pages.


Thanks for the explanation :-) Still, I would prefer a situation where the source language gets switched along as well.

That being said, I don't actually use that feature and probably won't until there are some courses sourced from Esperanto.

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