"What floor is it on?"

Translation:C'est à quel étage ?

February 8, 2018

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    help. where is the option for "c'est"???


    I just used the type in keyboard to get through this item but yeah


    I wasn't sure what to put either. But it accepted «À quel étage est ce?» for me


    Why not, "Quelle étage est qu'il y a?"


    étage is a masculine noun. Your sentence makes no grammatical sense even if you used quel.

    Ex Le studio est à quel étage ? " → "C'est à quel étage ? ".

    "Tu es à quel étage ? "→ What floor are you on?
    "Je suis au troisième étage. "→ I am on the third floor.


    There are a couple of mistakes in your sentence that make it ununderstandable. First étage is masculine, so it should be quel étage. Next, where is the subject of est? I would say that you wanted to use the expression est-ce que/qu' that we use in question. Then your sentence would be Quel étage est-ce qu'il y a ? = What floor is there? literally. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

    What could have been is À quel étage est-ce ? or À quel étage est-ce que c'est/il est/elle est ?. Keep in mind that, unlike in English, you cannot end a question with a preposition in French. You have to put the preposition before the interrogative word.


    Why wouldn't the phrase "Sur quelle étage est-il?" be accepted?


    Sur is the wrong preposition to use - the sentence requires à = at / on. Quelle is feminine while étage is masculine - quel is required. Please read the other posts in the this thread.


    Thanks for the explanation! Everything's cleared up now!

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