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Bonus lingots on each 10 day streak

Not exactly a big deal, but I have noticed the bonus lingots of 10% of the total streak previously awarded every 10 days, haven't been allocated on the last 20 days. Just wondering what the reason is as the streak is merely a personal incentive and there is absolutely no monetary value in the lingots.

February 8, 2018


[deactivated user]

    On the app? Yes, it's a bug that has been going on for a while now. On the site is working fine, in fact I just received mine today.


    I reported this to Duolingo. The answer isn't good news, "I am sorry for the new update, after a couple of months of A/B testing, we have stopped giving lingot rewards to Android users."

    I presume the same fate awaits iOS and Windows users.


    Good to read it works on the site. Will make sure I switch every 10 days.... It has been like that for ages now, about the same time the treasure chest lingot selection for meeting your daily goal came in. I assumed it was discontinued and replaced.

    [deactivated user]

      Hummm... you might be onto something there. In fact I think it's exactly that, the treasure chests replaced the 10-day streaks. They are more or less coincidental in time.

      But of course, as per usual, they haven't told us anything about it.


      You'll get more lingots from the app then from the site when starting off with a streak smaller than 100 to around 200, but after that, you'll get more from the site. I think its different so you can have more options. Although, I have noticed that you can open all three crates if you have Doulingo Plus. You could probably get close to 9 lingots per day on the app.

      [deactivated user]

        Yes agreed.

        But either way, from a certain point on you have so many lingots that you don't need to pay much attention to those details.


        Why not collect bonuses on both platforms?


        By "no monetary value," do you mean that lingots are worth less than money or more than money? If the former, please give me half of all your lingots. That wasn't hard, was it? Now give me the other half. :)


        probably a good thing. As the number of lingots goes up in a geometric progression, there is a danger that they will soon weigh more than the Earth...


        Fortunately for the earth, the progression is only quadratic.


        Thanks for your responses everybody. I hadn't linked it to the introduction of the "treasure chests". Makes some sense now, but as I said it's not really a big deal, just an incentive xx

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