"Co pijete?"

Translation:What do you drink?

February 8, 2018

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Could this also be interpreted as "what are you drinking?" for a situation in which you go to grab another beverage for someone?


Would this be something a waiter would say when taking an order?


Not very likely. Rather your colleague when inviting you for a drink.


What's the difference between piješ and pijete?


Singular informal vs singular formal and plural.


In portuguese it is possible to translate as "O que bebeis?" (vós), considering the 2nd person of plural?


Just to comment that the alternative accepted translation "What are you drinking?" doesn't really mean the same as "What do you drink?" The latter would be used in the context of "What do you generally prefer to drink, beer, wine, spirits etc" rather than asking what you are drinking at this moment.

"What would you like to drink?" is something else again. I don't know whether Czech differentiates between all these or not?


In Czech it uses the same words, it is the same sentence for both.


Very difficult to hear here...


FWIW, I can hear it very clearly for both the male and female voices and on both speeds. Of course, everyone's speakers and ears are different, and I've sometimes had a little trouble making out words in other exercises -- I can usually catch them by repeated listening.


OK. I heard it many times and it was very fast and difficult to grab. But it's maybe something wrong with my ears :)


Why can't I write: "What do you want to drink?"

Is it not the same meaning? Or is it different in Czech?


That is "Co chcete pít?" or "Co chcete k pití?".


"What do you all drink" should be accepted. It shows the plural meaning of the pronoun (multiple 'you's), and "you all" is an accepted translation of the 2nd person plural pronoun in most other Duolingo courses.


"you all" is not generally accepted as the 2nd person plural pronoun in this course.

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