"A price reduction would be positive."

Translation:Une diminution des prix serait positive.

February 8, 2018

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Why is... Une diminution des prix serait positive....is correct? And why ....Une diminution de prix serait positive.... is incorrect. I would think that later should be correct because clearly "de' is all about Une diminution. Why are we using plural here?


« Une diminution de prix serait positive. » was accepted for me! :) [15 July 2019]


Also confused. A diminution or a reduction- both are still singular when used as nouns so why the plural "prices"? It implies a knowledge of what is being traded which isn't given in the text or either should be accepted as grammatical, surely?


Why serait and not serat?


Refer to the conjugation of the verb être and you will see.

Sera is the futur simple (will be) and serait the conditional present (would be).


Same question. Why des?

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