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  5. Wir sollten zu euch kommen


Wir sollten zu euch kommen

Duolingo said sollten is the past form of should and translated this sentence as "We should come to you."

Can it be also translated as "We should have come to you." ?

July 2, 2012



"Wir sollten zu euch kommen" means that "we" should do that (sometime) in the future, so "We should come to you" ist the correct translation. The translation of "We should have come to you" would be "Wir h├Ątten zu euch kommen sollen" (sometimes in the past)...


I just looked it up to be sure. Yeah you are right it makes no sense to translate the past tense into the present tense. You should give duolingo feedback (left side of the screen) so they can correct what "I think" is a mistake. (emphasis intended)


@Sisyphos you're prob right, but if u translate the past tense into present, then how do u translate the present tense? e.g. "Wir sollen zu euch kommen."


That would be "We shall come to you"

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