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Help me with Polish

I've been having a few difficulties with polish, mainly conjugation and pronunciation. Any tips?

February 8, 2018



What difficulties do you have exactly? I'm a native speaker, so maybe I can help ;)


Things like conjugation and pronunciation. I kinda got conjugation down now, but it´s kinda hard to pronounce of some the words.


The conjugation is, unfortunately, a thing that just has to be memorized. But the more you revise, the more you'll remember it!

About the pronounciation: there's this method where you read aloud sentences with problematic conjugations and pronounciation for 5 minutes a day, it's actually more efficient than, for example, sacrificing 1 hour/week to revise them. Repetition is the key.

I made some sentences for you:

Bąk brzęczy. - A horsefly buzzes.
Trzmiel brzmi w trzcinie. - A bumblebee buzzes in the reed.
Łukasz poszedł na łąkę - Lucas went to a meadow.

ćma - a moth
dłoń - a palm
język - a language
ciężki - heavy
mięso - a meat
słońce - the Sun
ściana - a wall
ścinać - to cut
ślepy - blind
śliczny - pretty
ślimak - snail
żółty - yellow
żona - a wife
źródło - a source
źdzbło - a grass-stalk

You can find more words to practice a particular letter here - the link directs to you to the "ś" letter, but you can pick any of the letters above.

The "ł" is pronounced like "w" in English. (were, wish, waste). The "ó" is basically "u", the only distinction is the orthographic usage.

Bright side: most Polish people don't really pronounce those sounds very clearly, especially if they're located at the end of the word ("dziękuję" often sounds more like "dziękuje"). So no worries there ;) But, Polish pronounciation is quite different from Russian one - so you shouldn't try to imitate it to sound more Polish-like.

Try to create some simple sentences in Polish and read them aloud - it'll help a lot! :)


Holy smokes! Thanks a ton! I'll look back to this everyday. Have a lingot :)


Another question, will polish people care if I also conjugate something wrong? thnx :)


Not really ;) they'll be able to tell that you're not a native speaker, also from your accent, but as long as what you say makes sense, they should understand what you mean to say even if the conjugations are wrong.
Even native speakers mix them up sometimes, especially in casual speech and when speaking fast ;P


Is dłoń the tree, or the part of the hand?


part of the hand.

'palm' (the tree) is simply 'palma'.


If you're having trouble pronouncing words, maybe https://forvo.com/ will help you - just search for a word you have trouble with and listen to native speakers pronounce it. A nice way to check if you're doing it right is to record yourself and compare it to native pronunciations. You can request a pronunciation of words and even sentences too.


I recommend listening to a Youtube playlist called 'Easy Polish - Learning Polish from the Streets'.

The videos seems to be quite appreciated and it should give you a good grasp of the way you should pronounce words without feeling stupid. As for grammar, take it one step at a time.


I´ll also try to monitor this discussion as much as possible, sorry if I can´t respond to all of your comments!


Hi aspring_polish, I am trying to learn polish for several years. It is tough, and the grammar is a pain. After a while I ask my self, how do polish children learn there language, they do not know all the grammar stuff. So, I tried diffrend methods, the best for me is a mix: Assimil Polish + LWST (LWT) + duolingo + Babbel.




I also created some mp4 of the first 50 lectures of Assimil. I you want, I can give you them...

Cheers Martin


Maybe I'll try that out! Good luck learning Polish!


Training, training and training again ?

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