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Funny German words


There is just one little mistake in this short video: Sitzfleisch does not mean bum, it means endurance. As in: Um eine Sprache zu lernen braucht man Sitzfleisch.

February 8, 2018



"Sitzfleisch" refers to bum as "sitting meat" but is figuratively used to describe endurance. It's never used in the literal sense, anyway.


You can use it both, literally and figuratively, when referring to someone enduring a long meeting/sermon/lecture. That is also where the word (or its use) comes from


Can you please give an example how you would use it in a literal sense or what the literal sense is for you? I just know it as "being able to sit somewhere for a long time".


"...für die Katz"

for naught (lit: for the cat)

Die ganze Arbeit war für die Katz! (all that work was for naught)

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