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New french stories!

I just noticed that "set 3" has arrived to the french duolingo stories. Hurray! Thanks duo <3

February 8, 2018



It would be even more useful if I knew when I was ready for the stories. I'm not ready yet, but how far along the tree should I be before I go back?


FredrikVC, the French is definitely intermediate to advanced. Retry the stories as you advance in the tree to see if they've become easier for you. Probably half of the tree at least will need to be mastered first, and my guess is that there will be quite a few things that will be somewhat difficult even when you have finished the whole tree. You could try viewing/listening to these stories first, which are much easier easier than the story I just read ("Le sac en papier")

I read only one story. Maybe others are easier. The story was definitely enjoyable, so keep working towards them!


2019-06-11 I just finished Le sac en papier, and near the end I noticed that the voice read "beignets", but the text read "donuts". :D I don't expect you, slogger, to do anything about it, but I wanted to mention it in case a Duo volunteer were to read this discussion.


Thanks for mentioning this, abj5676. I tried the first story of set one, and you're right: it was very enjoyable--very amusing--and well done. I wish there were a switch to set (or something) that would allow the story to be listened to / read straight through, once all the questions were answered.

]Added] These would be a great way to earn XP's quickly. I earned at least 25 (IIRC) for reading the story!


Thanks a lot for mentioning this! It's funny how easy it is to miss updates on this site.


where would I go for primary readers? Beginner stories?


Google TheFrenchExperiment. They have several children stories with audio.


Try the link I mentioned to FredrikVC, which are quite easy multimedia. The LingQ site has good texts and audio of varying levels of difficulty, and they are still available without a subscription, or were the last time I visited there, anyway.


What's "set 3"? And where can I find it?


After set #2, but you have to finish set 2 to unlock set 3

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