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  5. "How is the night?"

"How is the night?"

Translation:Habari za usiku?

February 8, 2018



Jioni was evening? Usiku is night?


un that is wrong i know my language and how i was taught is that jioni in evening and usiku is night


I think it is similiar with english. This question maybe ask about how the 2nd person spend the evening. In English, the greeting 'good evening' is used though it's already 10pm. 'Good night' is only used before going to bed.


In what way does "How is the night?" mean anything in English? Wht dooes this sentence really mean in actual usage?


The tips for this section say that "habari" literally means "news", and that this word is used in a way that means "how is". So the sentence "Habari za usiku?" literally translates to "The news of the night?" or "[What is] the news of the night?" I think it's like asking "How's your night going?" in English.


That would be correct, yes.

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