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"five yuan"


February 9, 2018



Wouldn't this problem be better if we had to piece the characters together? If there is only one possible answer with two characters and it is always the only answer with two characters that is correct for questions like this then it doesn't really prompt us to think critically.


I would agree with you; however, people seem to be struggling with how to answer on the first few lessons. Keeping it easy in the beginning level will help those who are struggling the most.


But isn't the answer already visible if you hover over the interactive phrase (or press on it from your phone)? Why make it then a second time more easy?


truer words have never been spoken


Do the two Chinese characters in this answer make up one word or are they two separate words? I am confused!


They're 2 separate words, weren't you taught that wu3 means five and yuan2 means yuan?, five and yuan are separate words.


I was trying to do sonething differeent but turns out it was stupid

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