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The Duolingo Chinese Course Needs Improvement

I'm extremely unsatisfied with this course. I have taken many years of Chinese courses and, although my Chinese is not as good as a native speaker, I can't seem to get through these lessons. I took a diagnostic and frustratingly, my answers were not accepted. Doing every lesson is extremely tedious and boring because the simplest of nuances are considered unacceptable. I understand that the grammar for Chinese is very vast and complex, so is there a way I can surpass these lessons quicker? Is there a way for me to retake the diagnostic?

February 9, 2018



I am native but still I don't get all my answers accepted. This kind of things however doesn't frustrate me. I think it is also not a problem specific to Chinese. There are claims to all languages across the board that not all possible translations are included. Just do a little extra to report it and check the box saying that your sentence should be accepted.

I think you can do the assessment test again if you remove the whole course and start again.


y r u trying to learn chinese again if u r native


bruhhhhhhhhh, just need to have some perseverance, just keep those gold bars up, and keep practicing, youll be fine!!!!!(im native, so believe me :P)


Try retaking the lesson


yes, it is flawed but do keep in mind how amazing it truly is. it would be so hard to even create one whole course


I'm a native speaker, and not all my answers are accepted either. This wouldn't have bothered me if some of the answers deemed "incorrect" incorrectly were esoteric cases. But something as “我妈妈" being incorrect for "my mother" because Doulingo only accepts "我的妈妈" is rather ridiculous.


We should accept 我妈妈 throughout most of the course, in fact in the family members lesson we have a note specifically stating that 的 is generally left out with family members. If you can think of any lessons/skills where that wasn't the case, please let me know and I will go in and fix them.


Is that due to 我的 for 'My' being used in other sentence contexts and phrases throughout the course? Keeps it standardised rather than using two versions.


We do teach leaving out 的 with family members, but before that (Family I) yes we tend to use 的 even when it might sound more natural to leave it out. That's something we've been discussing lately.


謝謝你們! (辛苦了)


The grammars of Chinese is not vast or complex; the difficulties is with the difference in slang and grammar between Chinese and English. With all the difficulties in the sentence transtion, I was wondering whether Duolingo could simply test calque, word-to-word or morpheme-to-morpheme, in the sentence transition; this could negate the grammar rule and exceptions in grammar that could be learned separately.


You're right, duolingo's not perfect, this course is not as good as it could be, it's necessary to change how this course works, and, as you say, you can test out to continue doing more lessons without doing the previous one (sorry if you don't understand me, I'm not a native speaker)


I believe you can retake the diagnostic if you go to Settings > Learning language > Reset or remove languages and reset your progress on Chinese.


Thanks for the advice, I'm currently working on retaking the diagnostic.


I've retaken the diagnostic and immediately got to level 9! Thanks for the suggestions! And I do understand that it is hard to create a language course. I guess I was just expecting too much from the programmers. I understand how much hard work is put into creating Duolingo courses and I appreciate that.


When did you take the level test? We've been continuously adding new sentences and translations to the course and we realize that a lot of users were having trouble with their answers not being accepted, but it should be much better now. If you come across a section which is giving you a lot of trouble, please let me/us know and we will work on adding more translations to that section.

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