"Elle écoute la radio le matin."

Translation:She listens to the radio in the morning.

March 19, 2013

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doesn't le matin imply each morning?


Yes. Duolingo seems to use translation "in the morning" to imply a habitual action. I would prefer in the "mornings" or "each morning" myself.


why is it not elle ecoute la radio dans le matin


DANS is like inside; e.g. "Je suis dans la salle à manger", I'm in the dining room


Why not "She listens to the morning radio"? An answer given is "She listen to the radio mornings." What kind of English is that??


That was my thought. "Morning radio" is a thing. "Radio mornings" is not, at least not in my experience.


écouter vs entendre?


Shouldn't "in the morningS" be accepted? I mean, this implies a habit.


yes, it should absolutely be accepted. Report it if it happens again.


Why just "le matin" ? I can't see where the "in" should be in french? Isn't it "du matin"?


You don't have to translate the "in" hear, it is an implicit thing. "Elle écoute la radio le matin" means implicitly that its an habit, every morning. "Du matin" is "of the morning, can be used for example in "the morning newpaper" = "le journal du matin".


Why is it a plural for morning? Is it assumed becuase it doesnt specify "a" morning? " She listens to morning radio" can be plural or singular in English as there is no limit to how many mornings it takes place over. And does "la radio le matin" only mean the radio in the morning because its implied it can only be "in" the morning?


Right. And so does morning radio. It is only in the morning


Why is "she listens to the morning radio" not correct ?


It doesn't depend on the radio but on her habits :P like "elle écoute la radio du matin" would translate "the morning radio". But we're saying here that she is used to turn on the radio on the morning Don't know if Im clear but there is a difference :')


She is listening the radio in the morning. How is this wrong?

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