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"Le succès est le résultat de tes efforts."

Traduction :Success is the result of your efforts.

il y a 4 ans

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"Success is your efforts'result" is not accepted

il y a 4 ans

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We would not say "efforts' result" in English. The rule of 's is very complicated. Basically we don't use 's after things and "efforts" would be classed as things. Here are some rules but this aspect of English really is complicated

Possessive ‘s

Use: Possessive adjectives after a name and before a noun. They tell you who owns something. This is John’s coat. Is this Tina’s bag?

Don’t use ‘s after things. I clean the garden’s pond every week. => I clean the pond in the garden every week. What’s the book’s name? => What’s the name of the book?

You can usually use ‘s after organisations and groups of people. It’s the government’s decision. OR It’s the decision of the government. Tom is the company’s new director. OR Tom is the new director of the company.

You can use ‘s after time expressions. What time is tomorrow’s meeting?

You can sometimes use ‘s after countries and cities. India’s population is rising. But you cannot do this if it refers to a person. I met London’s mayor last week. => I met the mayor of London last week. England’s Queen is well-known. => The Queen of England is well-known.


<pre>To make the possessive form, add ’s to the end of the name. </pre>

Is that Jack’s bag?

<pre>With two names, only add ‘s to the second name. </pre>

That’s Jane and Harry’s house. NOT That’s Jane’s and Harry’s house.

<pre>If something belongs to two or more people, put the apostrophe(‘) after the plural s. Do not write a second s. </pre>

My parents’ house is really big. NOT My parents’s house is really big.

However, if the plural noun is irregular, write the apostrophe (‘) before the S. The children’s party was great. NOT The childrens’ party was great.

il y a 4 ans


Thank you for all these clarifications. When I went to New-york, I used to read the free newspapers. I had the impression that "'s" was very often used by the journalists even for things. I am going to study this point of grammar in detail.

il y a 4 ans


Could we say " Success results from your efforts" ?

il y a 2 ans