"I want to go home."

Translation:Dw i eisiau mynd adre.

February 9, 2018



So is there never 'yn' after the subject with 'eisiau'?

February 9, 2018


Yes, "Eisiau" and "Angen" (To need) never need an "yn". This is due to them technically not being verbs, instead they are nouns that were used in a construction of "Dw i ag" (I am with- where no yn is needed due to there being a preposition). So originally it was "Dw i ag eisiau/angen" (I am with a want/need) which today has become "Dw i eisiau/angen".

February 9, 2018


Thanks for the great explaination!

August 24, 2018


Very clear and helpful explanation. Much appreciated, many thanks to Ellis

September 30, 2018


When I was a child at school, home was cartref. Where does adre come from?

December 11, 2018


I'm just a learner myself, but I think "cartref" is the place home (e.g. the house where you live) and "adre" is used for the adverb 'home' / 'homeward'.

I think "Dw i eisiau mynd cartref" would be something like "I like to go a house", which is a very obvious phrase. :-) I might be completely off track here though - but hopefully a native will see that and correct me! :-)

December 16, 2018
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