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  5. "Te la rubo."


"Te la rubo."

March 19, 2013



Why wouldn't both verb options be correct? The accepted one is obviously correct, but what would be wrong with 'Te la RUBANO', meaning 'They steal her from you'?


Te la rubo = I steal it/her from you.

Te la rubano = They steal it/her from you

I considered IT as well because "LA" could be a feminine object as well.

I can''t see the multiple options so I cannot give a better answer, Sorry.


Wow! That was fast! The question gave 'Te la _____'

We were given a choice between rubo and rubano and were told to choose the best one. Since we were not given the English translation, they seemed equally correct to me, depending if you wanted to say 'THEY steal it/her from you' or 'I steal it/her from you', as you have said. I reported it as confusing, so I hope I was right! :)


It's a flaw in the system that really needs to be corrected. But yeah, both options would make sense without being given a translation to work from.


If this is how you say "I steal it from you," how would you translate "I steal you it"

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