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Green on green answers are hard to read.

I'm finding it increasing difficult to read the correct responses in the exercises. The not so dark green text on the light green background is aesthetically pleasing but hard to read, especially the accents. If the text was white on the green background it would be perfect.


February 9, 2018



Something that has always driven me crazy is that the diacritical marks appear in a small font in gray on my laptop, and I'm constantly squinting at the screen. I find it especially irksome in French.


Agree. One BIG problem with Duolingo is a failure to use standards for easy visibility. The contrast between background and print is too low throughout. Changes to the color of the print, and minor tweaks to background colors, would help a lot, without drastically changing the look of the site. They don't necessarily have to be directed toward people with low vision, but more contrast would be good for everyone - and might help keep people on the course longer, as eyes would not tire as quickly.


Possibly some of the problem is the developers of Duolingo's website are probably all young people who have 20/20 vision, so they have no idea how it is for older people or people who don't have 20/20 vision.


I disagree. It might be their target platform/audience.

Load the full website in an iOS browser and it is obvious.


you have so many languages.


I wish there was a way to costumise these features. For me the colour is okay, but I would prefer a different font. For many languages not being able to make out an accent, like the difference between an i and an í in Irish, means I never really learn the difference.


Bonjour! je mapell dax A tu?


Which platform are you using? Mobile app or website? If a mobile device, which type? Screen size?

My reason for asking is that this is the second time I've seen a comment about tone-on-tone text being difficult to read. (Last time was using the full website via an iOS browser, and yes, the text was unreadable.)

I want to post something in the "Troubleshooting" forum, and the more info/detail I can include the better.



I use Dark Reader extension for Chrome browser. It makes the background dark and the text light. Without it, I find the new words on Duolingo a strain on my eyes.


or black on a green backgriound


Your thread uses the wrong sub-forum; should be Troubleshooting, not French.

Try the userstyle "DuoLingo new lessons fix" for the Stylish addon: https://userstyles.org/styles/148813/duolingo-new-lessons-fix

This is Tiramisues's corresponding thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938/Lessons-Userstyle-to-get-some-things-of-the-old-look-back


Do you know of an iOS fix?

The tone-on-tone text is basically impossible to read. Screen shot:



Your screenshot is perfectly easy to read and I have crap eyesight!


You can read where I wrote the word "testing"?

I considered the idea that I'm somewhat color blind. I played with all of iOS's color-blind accessibility settings and things didn't improve.

For comparison, the same basic page. Desktop screenshot.



(And a nod to Mr. Heiss, I have posted a separate thread.)



Sorry - I wasn't looking at that (probably because I couldn't flippin' see it ☺) . I just tried an exercise through Chrome on my iPad mini - I agree, it is totally unreadable as soon as you hit "Check".
But I never use my iPad - I always use my laptop so I had never noticed it before. It would be nice if they fixed it though.
Bonne chance !

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