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  5. "Nejsem stroj!"

"Nejsem stroj!"

Translation:I am not a machine!

February 9, 2018



Sounds like something a machine would say


It's a good one if you wanna break up or get fired lol


When you use Captcha on a Czech website


Why "I am not a machine" doesn't work here?


The translation given at the top of the discussion is the same as the one that you wrote, so it's very odd that your answer was not accepted. Are you positive that the sentence you wrote here is exactly the same as the sentence you wrote in the exercise? For example, if you accidentally left out "a," your translation probably would have been rejected. If you get this one again, and "I am not a machine" is rejected again, use the Report button. Maybe it's a bug.


I have no language knowledge outside of English.

Just trying to understand English to Czech interpretations.

Is "Nejsem stroj" in English - translated literally as "I am not machine"?


Yes, that is the literal translation, but it doesn't work so well in English. So we go with "I am not a machine."

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