"I do not know this."

Translation:Toto neznám.

February 9, 2018

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nevím to - nebylo uznáno, prosím o doplnění, děkuji ;)


That's closer to I don't know it/that.


I hear this both ways. I'm surprised that word order on this one isn't accepted both ways.


Which ways? We can't read your screen.


Neznám toto and Toto neznám.


"Neznám toto." is very strange, but probably can be accepted when very strongly stressing "toto". I added it, but it still remains strange though.


Is there a difference between "znám" and "vím" (which was accepted,) but for what reason is "znám" preferred? Thanks.


I don't know this. To nevim. Tohle nevim. Toto nevim...at a push. Don't think I've ever used "Toto neznam" in the 40 years I've been a Czech.


This course shows Standard Czech including the more formal forms. In particular, including the forms mainly used in writing.


There's a big difference though:

  • To nevím. -- I don't know (about this), I don't have this information.
  • To neznám. -- I am not familiar with this thing.

They are used in different situations.

  • Víš, o čem mluvím? Víš, co budeme dělat? Víš, kde je nádraží? -- Nevím.
  • Znáš tuhle knihu? Znáš toto jídlo? Znáš tohle místo? -- Neznám.

As for which demonstrative pronoun is used, it also depends:

  • to -- it/that, but can also be used for "this" in this position
  • toto -- specifically "this" (pointing at it), formal
  • tohle -- same as "toto", but colloquial
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