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  5. "C'est mon livre de recettes."

"C'est mon livre de recettes."

Translation:This is my recipe book.

March 19, 2013



Why is it 'de' rather than 'des'?


One of the other lessons said there are certain contexts where "des" becomes "de" even for plurals. I forget when, but it's either showed up in the past or will show up in the future, depending on when Duo decides to present it. Also take a look at



I read the article, and found no reason why des turned to de. If someone could clarify, I would be grateful.


I think "de" is used as "of" in this instance. So "livre de recettes" means "book of recipes". While "J'ai des recettes" means "I have some recipes" or "I have recipes"


Yes, that does seem to be what's happening here. After more practice with de vs des this is much clearer now than it was then.


"This's" is not a English word, or did I skip the day they taught this?


Why "recettes" and not "recette"? Maybe the book contains only one recipe... I can't tell what in the pronunciation or context would disambiguate.


I am coming to think (and maybe this is also the answer to my question about des) that "livre de recettes" is a phrase that means "recipe book" and it just is how it is. If a French speaker asked me why we don't call it a "recipes book" or a "photos album" I couldn't really tell them; that is just how English describes books. It's a specific rule we have for those kinds of items. In that case maybe the answer to your question is that "livre de recettes" is a common phrase and "livre de recette" isn't?


Yep, I think you may be right about this. As you point out English too has various pre-defined terms that are pinned to singular or plural forms and don't lend themselves to deep logic. Thanks for this thoughtful comment.


I think there is some logic there, though. In English, when we use a noun as an adjective (as in "recipe book" or "photo album"), we use the singular form. When we use the possessive, we use singular or plural as determined by the context (the photo's frame, women's hats). I can't address the French situation, though!


I believe it's because a recipe book tends to contain multiple recipes. I could be mistaken, however.


I want to know "un livre de recette" is correct or incorrect.


It also accepts "It's my cookbook."


Could I say mon recettes livre? Or is there a rule for this 'de'?


No, I'm pretty sure you can't say "mon recettes livre." In English, we can use a noun (recipe) to modify another noun (book) directly - what kind of book? A recipe book. (We're basically using the noun as an adjective.) German can do that too, though differently. But not all languages can. In Spanish if you want to use two nouns together you generally have to explicitly connect the two using "de" (book OF recipes). The same seems to be true in French.


Thank you very helpful


why is it recipe? for me, recipes is correct


wordreference gives "receipts" as a translation - in real life, could this be a receipts book? eg to be used in business

[deactivated user]

    "receipt" is a less common, old-fashioned, word for "recipe" in English, in addition to being what one calls the paper one gets to show one has paid or has received an item.


    When doing French to English "recettes" is shown as either "receipts" or "recipes" without explanation. So when going from French to English for "C'est mon livre de recettes" I thought "This is my receipt book" to be an acceptable answer. It was marked wrong.

    I'm an accountant so would naturally think of receipts rather than recipes. Plus the French word is more of a phonetic match!


    C'est is actually Ce- est meaning this is it can be a trap in french


    Why "This is my recipes' book" doesn't work?


    Because "my recipes' book," in English, would mean "the book that belongs to my recipes." (My recipes would own the book.) A book containing recipes is a recipe book.


    This is my recipes book should work.. but doesn't!


    It's not normal English, so they wouldn't have thought of it as an acceptable translation.


    This is my recipes book = This is my book of recipes.


    'This is my book of recipes' or 'my recipe book' - both work in English. Adjectives in English don't carry the 's'. In the phrase 'my recipe book' the noun 'recipe' is an adjective so there is no 's'. Good luck

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