"Health is sometimes expensive."

Translation:Sănătatea este scumpă uneori.

February 9, 2018

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Is this word order mandatory? Why not...uneori este scumpa?


2019-11-25 Today, Sănătatea este uneori scumpă was accepted. To me, uneori is an adverb modifying este, and as such should come directly after the verb. However, since "always" and "never" often come before the verb in other Romance languages, it may be permissible for "sometimes" to be put there in Romanian?


That works too


One would either say "being healthy is expensive", or "healthcare is expensive", to achieve the same meaning as the Romanian sentence. But to say "health is expensive" is odd.


I wrote :Sănătatea este uneori scumpă and it was not accepted! I realized after sending my note that I misspelled scumpã. I wrote scumpe. Is this why my answer was not accepted? Please clarity!Thanks

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