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  5. "Αυτή η λέξη είναι επίθετο."

"Αυτή η λέξη είναι επίθετο."

Translation:This word is an adjective.

February 9, 2018



Epithet: a word or phrase describing a characteristic quality of a person or thing.

Επιθέτο: a word qualifying a noun, an adjective.


Επίθετο covers the meanings of "epithet" "adjective" and "surname". ;)


So λέξη is the word to which lexicon is related.


yes, and the names alexis and alexander are derived from lexi as well.


Incorrect: Alexis and Alexander are from the Ancient Greek verb ᾰ̓λέξειν (to protect, related to the noun ἀλκή, defence/force/fight, found in names like Alkínoos, Alkmênê etc.) + anêr/andros (man). The word is cognate with Old English 'ealgian', to provide shelter.


I must say that this one is the best pronouncial I have heard above them all so far. Every word sounds clear and is easy to hear/recognize


@Daniel147471. - Thanks for this remark. You're right! I completely agree with you. It's my purely personal opinion. (July 8, 2018)


The previous sentence in this lesson was: "η λέξη αυτή είναι ένα ρήμα"

This sentence is: "αυτή η λέξη είναι επίθετο"

  1. Why is the word "επιθετο" doesn't follow an article like "ρήμα" does ?

  2. The words order of "αυτή η λέξη" or "η λέξη αυτή" are good for both sentences ?


  1. The indefinite article is unnecessary and it's better to omit it when the quantity of something is obvious.

  2. Either is fine.

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