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"Kateřina si vzala jejich nejmladšího syna."

Translation:Kateřina married their youngest son.

February 9, 2018



Feministic ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. How a woman can vzit a man? One je vdana


"Katerina took their youngest son"?


What are you asking about? Do you want that to be accepted or something else?


Exactly. Is this sentence acceptable, or not?


No, it is not. Took sounds like Katerina is a kidnapper. To suggest the same thing in Czech you would have to skip the SI part. Kateřina vzala jejich nejmladšího syna. But when speaking about people and VZIT is relexive in that sentence it means to marry.

Oni se vzali. = they took each other = they got married

Oni vzali = they took.. it is missing in both languages what it is they took.

when you talk about something else than people, VZIT SI is to HAVE A PIECE OF SOMETHING. As in to help yourself to food. If you are offering food to people you encourage them with "VEZMI/VEZMĚTE SI'


Tomuhle vsemu rozumim. Myslel jsem to ve smyslu vzit si nekoho na hlidani, vzit nekoho do tymu, vzit si nekoho jako rukojmi a podobne...

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