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"Ele sempre quis estudar inglês."

Translation:He always wanted to study English.

April 15, 2014



"Ele sempre quis estudar inglês."
Translation: He always wanted to study English.

A question about verb tenses.:

The word "sempre" seems to imply an ongoing desire in the past.

So why is the verb not in the imperfect tense: " Ele sempre queria estudar inglês"?


A good comparison between the differences is:

  • Ele sempre quis estudar Inglês = He has always wanted to study English (a desire that he kept during his life, and isn't fulfilled yet or wasn't until now).
  • Ele sempre queria estudar Inglês = He was always wanting to study English (every oportunity he had, he wanted to study English)

The word sempre gives a little twist in the general idea of the tenses. But if you look closely, it does the same in English.


Great explanation. Thanks yet again.


Com o Duolingo, agora é possível!

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