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  5. "Eu quero comprar."

"Eu quero comprar."

Translation:I want to buy.

April 15, 2014



Isn't this a transative verb (needs and object)? Or is this example hinting it is/can be/ is becoming an intransative in the modern consumerist Western Hemisphere to reflect the fact that we are developing an ever more unconscious drive to buy masses of things we don't need?


Or is it really just "I want to shop"?


This can mean both "I want to buy it" (with "it" implied by context) and a desire to go out buying anything, being this last a little unusual.

The best for "I want to shop" is "eu quero fazer compras" (go to the market or to the shopping and buy stuff)


In an old Portuguese book for francophones I read two expressions for "go shopping": "fazer compas" which sounds quite understandable and natural and "fazer a feira". Is the second expression still in use and does it really have the same meaning?


"feira" is a public event where people sell their products, it occurs at some streets on specific days. "fazer a feira" means you are going to the "feira" to buy fresh food, like fruits and vegetables. "Fazer compras" is more general and you can even use it to say you're going to feira.


The English version is unnatural. The verb "to buy" needs a subject, e.g. "I want to buy IT".

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