"Od deseti hodin jsem nejedla."

Translation:I haven't eaten since ten o'clock.

February 9, 2018

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Couldn’t it be I haven’t eaten since ten? Without “o’clock”?


That would follow the pattern that has been accepted so far. One year later, hoping this report makes it.


Can it mean "I haven't ate for 10 horus."?


No, "I haven't eaten for 10 hours." would be "Deset hodin jsem nejedla."


"From ten o clock, I did not eat." Is this not accepted because the English is slightly awkward, or is there something fundamentally wrong with it.


On the English side, to me (native AmE), it sounds a little awkward. (And it also feels like a too-literal translation of the Czech sentence.)

I can (sort of) imagine it in a certain scenario; maybe something like, "I started feeling sick right after breakfast yesterday. So from ten o'clock I did not eat." I can't say I'd recommend adding it as an alternative translation, though.


Would the Czech sentence for "I did not eat since ten o'clock" be different than the one given? Thank you


From previous lessons i thought jsem goes in second place ... although i likely maybe just confused:-)


I think that you’re not exactly confused, but that there is something that you perhaps didn't remember: "Second place" isn't just the second word, it is the second “unit of meaning”

A unit of meaning consists of words that must “hang together” to convey their meaning; they form a single unit. So, here, the first position is taken up by “"Od deseti hodin”... and jsem politely claims its desired second position.


Ah yea thank you, i was trying to string together the words in the english translation doh. Cheers Bass

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