"Whose is the coat?"

Translation:Di chi è il cappotto?

March 19, 2013

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No one I know would say "Whose is the coat?" <Whose coat?> or <Whose coat is this?> Or even <Who owns this coat?> would suffice.


Please report it. I can anyway confirm that the Italian sentence is pretty fine. :)


They aren't asking which question is more common in English. This is the correct translation of "whose is the coat?" Remember that the way that english speakers say things will be different than the way italian speakers word things.


It is correct English, just not used as often as 'Whose coat is this?'


Agree, 'whose is the coat' is not how it would be most often said in English


I think it is really "of who is the coat" if that makes more sense. I find the literal translations to help me better understand what words should be used even if it makes for clunky English


"Whose is the coat?" This sentence is awkward as it tries to be grammatically correct. There are many ways to ask this question. More appropriately one can say: "Whose coat, is it?" Or simply, "Whose coat?" if the speaker is pointing at it or holding it up.

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