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  5. "Je to oranžové nebo fialové?"

"Je to oranžové nebo fialové?"

Translation:Is it orange or purple?

February 9, 2018



Je to oranžový nebo fialový? function too, is that right?


You may hear it in colloquial, non-standard Czech.

If you use to, then the adjectives have to be neuter: Je to oranžové nebo fialové?

However: Je oranžový nebo fialový? (Is it/he orange or purple?) is perfectly ok.


Very well endless_sleeper. Got to remember of course: "barva" is feminine, although with TO the adjectives, even being colors, have to be in neuter. At least in standard Czech. Another question. How do you translate in Czech "Is it the orange or the purple one?" Thanks Endles_sleeper for helping us all here on the course!!


Depends on the grammatical gender of the thing (or person)

'Is it the orange one or the purple one?:

Je to ten oranžový nebo fialový? for masc

Je to ta oranžová nebo fialová? for fem

Je to to oranžové nebo fialové? for neuter


Ah ok. "the one" = ten or ta or to. I got it. Thanks a lot e_sl!


You can also say "Je to oranžová nebo fialová?", where both the adjectives are declined according to the feminine noun "barva", hence the feminine endings. It's sometimes clear from the context that you mean colour, so you don't need to explicitly say the noun in the sentence (eg. asking about the colours on the traffic lights).


Thanks Jamie!

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