"Son rouge à lèvres est rouge sang."

Translation:Her lipstick is blood red.

February 10, 2018

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It took me a while to realize that "rouge à lèvres" means "lipstick", lol - Now the sentence makes sense!


The female pronunciation of 'son' is incorrect (she says 'sonne', without the nasal 'son'), and confuses the listener. These incorrect pronunciations by the Duo voices (not frequent, but very irritating) can be misleading and really stick in the memory, thus making it very difficult for the learner to commit the correct one to memory.

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reporting does not make any sense practically. I have reported a mal pronunciation of "est" as "e-s-t" more than one year ago and it is still there.

I really appreciate the nice work from the coordinators like sitesurf and n6zs, with very appreciable attitude, good quality of replies, and rapidness to respond. I thank duolingo which helps many of us to learn new languages.

However, I really feel disappointed about the reporting system of duolingo. The audio is the essential for online learning of a language. If the errors cannot be rapidly corrected, the students are misled and the negative effects can be permanent.


I'm not referring to you, but I would say that 99% of the complaints about audio are flat out wrong. People with very limited ability often judge themselves to be correct.


Is her pronunciation of sang correct? I thought the sound of the an was the same sound of the an in the English ant. Asking...


The recorded "sang" sounds correct to me, more so after having compared at https://forvo.com/search/sang/


does "rouge à lèvres" always mean lipstick, even though the lipstick is not red


Why does "rouge" come before the nouns in this sentence. I thought that colours came after nouns. Thanks in advance.


I think in this case rouge (The first rouge) is a noun, not a color. It is a powdery substance used to change the tint of the skin. The second rouge is a color, "blood-red".


I had the listening exercise and I can't believe I got this right on the first try. LOL i was like what the hell is a "rouge à levres" and "rouge sang"


Colour me impressed, I didn't know what was happening. I translated the last part as rouge sens. I thought maybe it felt really RED.


I did the same thing! Quick way to learn....


Like rouge on one's cheeks is not always red, I submit

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