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Great supplement for duolingo --> LWT / LWST

For all, who want to step further with their language learning I recommend to use "Learning with Texts" (LWT) as additional learning source:


LWT is a great tool, but I was stuck in the installation. I had problems with the server and I gave up. However, I found LWST


which is bascially LWT+web space (50ct/month). For me that LWST is great and works perfectly in addition with duolingo! And the LWST constraint of 6 active texts / 15kb text length absolutely does not limit or borther your learning.

So, I thought this information is worth to share. For the technical skilled users LWT will do it, and if you are less skilled, or if you don't have web space or if you prefere the comfortable way, then LWST is best choice.

Cheers Martin

February 10, 2018



Thanks! Readlang.com is also similar. I haven’t tried installing it myself, but have read texts online through the browser and it seems user friendly, with a nice clean interface. The LWT text is open source, which is pretty cool, as a tech savie person (not me) could probably customise it for their ideal setup. I just enable all the dictionaries I need on my IOS devise and that allows me to read anything I want online. It is pretty effective for me as I never have any luck installing new software. Lingro.com is also pretty cool, as you can enter a url directly into the browser, and browse from there so it doesn’t require installation.


Thank you very much.

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