"Do you come here often?"

Translation:Chodíš sem často?

February 10, 2018

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I just wondered why jdeš or jedeš are not acceptable here? Is it because of a connotation chodíš to regularity? Thanks


What is the difference between sem and tacy?


sem = here, to here, hither => direction

tady = here, at this place => location

tácy is the plural of tác = platter, tray


Then tady should certainly be accepted. When you say "do you come here?", you are usually asking if they come to this location, not if they come in this direction.


"to this location" is a direction, the key is in the "to"

Observe the difference between where and whither, beween here and hither, between there and thither, between elsewhere and elsewhither. Those are the differences between a location and a direction. It is not foreign to English, just a bit archaic.

See this comparison and consider the distinction in Czech similar to what was in English around year 1600, but completely strict.


jdeš sem často? was marked incorrect, does anyone know why please? thanks


Why is "přijdeš sem často?" not accepted?


Přijdeš is for one comming in the future, not for habitual comming. For example, "Přijdeš sem brzo?" "Will you come here soon?"

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