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Please provide slower speech!

Why isn't there a way of slowing the speech down? I can do it for European languages but there doesn't seem to be a way to slow the Chinese down. I can't listen as fast as they speak!

February 10, 2018



non-native speakers should speak slowly. Chances are their pronunciation is poor, so the listener needs extra time to figure out what is being said


If you add the Duolingo Chinese extension in Chrome, it provides the ability to slow down at least some of the spoken phrases (they have a different voice actor who rerecorded them slower)


i believe somewhere it says if you do ctrl+shift+space it will repeat a word slower


Emilie, I thought I had read the same so I went and tried but sadly, for this course you can press ctrl+spacebar or ctrl+shift+spacebar and the repetition speed will be the same. I hope devs can help us learners with this feature


You can get it if you're using chrome by clicking here and clicking add extension

it will add the tortoise back and allow you to hear sentences more slowly.

Happy Chinese new yer!

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Thanks for the turtle Robin! Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the extension; when I added it two or three days ago, everything was fine; this morning (Feb 21, 2017) the turtle suddenly appeared on my Norwegian course - and the Chinese lady slowly read my Norwegian sentence as if she was reading something in Chinese:( Can you help`? Thanks!


Slow audio or at least audio on hover-over seems to be broken in Chinese. I don't know why; it worked before and it broke around when they introduced the new male voices in the other courses.

I've submitted repeated bug reports but no fix yet. Recently I have seen more staff involvement in the forums though, which bodes well. Hopefully the relevant people have been made aware of this bug and it will get fixed.

In the meantime, you can do this on web, and then open a new tab or window, copy and paste the material into Google translate, and it can pronounce it more slowly for you! This is what I do; it also spells out the Pinyin for you, which is handy.

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