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Online Korean learning resources at the courtesy of Korean Government :D

Hey, my dearest Korean learners! How is it going? ;p Hope you are all doing well, enjoying your weekend all over the world.

Found several free online Korean learning resources prepared by Korean government or the government-sponsored organizations here in Korea by pure accident.

Could you take a moment to try them out and let me know your humble thoughts, please? My gut feeling is that some might be OK or even nice to use in addition to existing resources you have already. Others might not be so as public sector folks here are often far from being "customer friendly" nor "pay attention to details".

Once you guys provide ample feedback(ex. suggestions for improvement, new service, constructive criticisms), I will make some formal request to those relevant government folks to either fix, add something new etc so you guys can benefit even more from what Korean government prepared for you on behalf of Korean people.


Looks like it provides various free and paid both online and offline courses and other services for Korean learners and teachers. I tried to sign up but I could not do it. It might be because I am in Korea and this institution is for expats learning Korean outside Korea or else. Please sign up and let me know if you can download various offerings (ex. soft copies of textbook at various levels, elearning, learning app etc)






  • Annual Speech competition to win free 7 day trip to Korea It seems if you particpate in Korean speech competition sponsored by Korean government, you can be invited to visit Korea for 7days.



2) 국립국어원 (National Institute of Korean Language)

  • Pronunciation aid : (Just spotted that some features fully work if your browser is Internet Explorer. or you have an Internet Explorer plugin for your browser (ex. Chrome)

https://www.korean.go.kr/hangeul/cpron/main.htm https://www.korean.go.kr/hangeul/cpron_jp/main.html


  • Guide on Romanization of the Korean alphabet (Hangul)


  • Phrasebook (you can find versions in other languages than English)


  • Other info packs On the last page, there seem to be a list of useful websites:


3) 국립한글박물관 (National Museum of Hangul)



4) "Study in Korea" Website It also seems to provide a list of online Korean learning sites (mostly public sector prepared ones)





February 10, 2018



Wow. Thank you for these resources. If I use them I will give you my feedback. But for now I will probably stay with Duolingo because I only started learning Korean today, about 20 minutes ago :)


Oh, I almost forgot! Hey, you are already level 2 after spending less than an hour! Amazing! Congratulations!

Keep up the good momentum! Hope you take it easy and try not to memorize too much in a day though!


Thanks. I'm at level 2 but I only have 70xp. I did the first 3 lessons 2x each, then did lesson 4 once. Basically, I did my own version of spaced repetition and review because it's all so new to me. I did lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3, lesson 3, lesson 4. I wanted to reach level 2 so I can have the pretty flag by my name. LOL


Well, it would be just great if many of us can at least spot some of the very obvious shortcomings that one can spot during his or her first 5 minutes of trying out per each site, what you liked, disliked most etc. Pls, DO NOT SPEND LONG HOURS for this. ;)

For example, accessibility (ex. signing up, error in some of the features) issue.

So far I found the below site to be quite worth Korean taxpayer's money and beneficial for expat learners of Korean as far as the content itself is concerned.


However, sadly I spotted that this site fully works for only those using Microsoft internet explorer. lol, This is a classic example of "No go" since there are many expat learners using Android/iPhone/Mac/Google Chrome/ Safari etc. ;)


I’ll say one thing about https://www.sejonghakdang.org/:

Their sign-up page asks for nationality, but the countries are not in alphabetical order. I had to scroll through the list to find “UNITED STATES.” And those capital letters are another problem.

Their textbooks also require Adobe Flash, which is problematic as it is not available on iOS, Android, nor Linux nowadays. Browsers and operating systems have been progressively removing support for it, and it may soon become obsolete. I will confirm that it still works in Google Chrome on Windows 10 with Adobe Flash. It will not work with Microsoft Edge or any recent Linux distro at all.


For the Practical Korean Expressions for Foreigners (https://www.korean.go.kr/attachFile/edu/forein03.pdf), the handbook does not note which dialect of English it uses for comparison with Korean. I know for sure that New York English has a good approximation to the vowel sounds on their list, but it’s not the words that they provide which are terrible approximations of Standard Korean.

The unaspirated plosive consonants are unintuitive. I still have friends that ask me why sounds like /k/ instead of /g/. I find it very hard to make them unlearn this association.

Most of the double-consonant comparisons are genius though since Korean tense consonants historically developed from , , , and . If a learner can learn to remove the /s/ cleanly, it’s a pretty good approximation.


Gee, you are a top-notch reviewer for sure! Impressive.

As far as textbooks are concerned it seems some textbooks are only available via online ebook form (using adobe flash) while the others are available in downloadable PDF formats as well as adobe flash.



Oh dear! Well, it seems not too bad since as you type, it automatically locates the US for you even though all countries are not in alphabetical order.

Anyway, did you manage to sign up and tried out learning apps or downloading pdf textbooks then? I am all ears! :D Thanks for the feedback.


I edited my post to reflect my latest findings. The site will work only on Windows or Mac OS X with Adobe Flash installed and a supporting browser that does not block Adobe Flash.

For the Mobile field on the registration page, the country list does not contain “UNITED STATES,” but “U.S.A.”


Also managed to sign up thanks to you. My browser was also blocking somewhat old-fashioned adobe flash as a threat! lol

Agree with you that those Mac & iPhone users can definitely struggle. I will make note of this.



Hey .....thank you for sites. I need all the help that I can get. I took a peek at a few of the sites you gave and I will definitely be using them. Duolingo is good but you also need other resources to help further the learning process. I am very serious about learning this language, so thank you for the extra help. Also good luck to you on your journey learning new languages.


You are very welcome! :D Must admit that some of them are no way near being perfect as public sector folks often do some very hasty job. ;)

Think some of the even paid courses can be done for free by watching lecture videos on youtube and download ebooks (I mean textbooks in PDF format)


Also, it seems not a bad idea to sign up for newsletters for some of the sites as you might get useful info (ex. scholarship, free new service launches ahead of your peer learners)

P.S: Will try to do another posting on free online Korean learning resources by other entities that you guys can also take full advantage of as many of them seem to be poorly advertised. lol

For example: http://bit.ly/2nOHpda


OMG!!!!!!! Where were you when I started. This is the information I needed. Everyone who is learning Korean needs to go to the site you gave to be able speak the language. You are awesome.... Thank you


OMG! You are already level 14!

Well, hope you find my more recent posting also useful. Found some more learning resources by Korean public sector. Some may not suit your learning need. Others, you will find "nice to have".

Think elearning offering at SNU seems quite nice if you want to practice what you've learned. ;)



hello senior . your are such a helpful person . you made us available with very useful resources .I am curious how you got such a different things for us . thank you senior .I wish one day i talk to you in korean language and make you proud and satisfy with your efforts for us (unknown friends ). thank u


Pleasure is all mine! Wish all the best of luck for all of us! Way to go! ;)

P.S: Job well done! You are already Level 9! Keep up the good work!


You levelled up to 10 lol Congratulations! Keep it up!

P.S: Found some more learning resources by Korean public sector. Some may not suit your learning need for now. Others, you will find "nice to have".

Think elearning offering at SNU seems quite nice if you want to practice what you've learned. ;)



안옇하서요! 선생님 구마워요. I am in 미국. I signed up at KING SEJONG INSTITUTE. I have to say there are many interesting things there but I found the site is very difficult to navigate and once you get to the lessons, they often don't work because they require flash which has been turned off by most browsers in the U.S. because of security reasons. So it is difficult to pass any quizzes. I was able to take partial lessons but they eventually fail because of a flash question. That is so sad because they put a lot of work into their lessons. I would suggest that they fix that as soon as they can. :) I thought it was cute that they had 이민호 as their spokesman/ ambassador.

I often use Talk To Me in Korean (TTMIK) and Fluent U. They have videos and discuss the sentence structures very well and they are enjoyable to use. Both are paid subscriptions but TTMIK has a huge amount of free videos on their YouTube channel that are very helpful.

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