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"In my free time, I like to read"

Translation:In meiner Freizeit lese ich gern

February 10, 2018



why is 'Ich lese gerne in meiner Freizeit' not acceptible?


why is 'Ich lese gerne in meiner Freizeit' not acceptible?

Because the Pearson editor who added this sentence made a mistake -- they included Ich lese ich gerne in meiner Freizeit as an option instead of the correct Ich lese gerne in meiner Freizeit.


That cooperation was short-lived and their sentences were never supposed to show up in the public course, but here we are. I don't think the Pearson editors ever looked at error reports or read sentence discussions, so those errors remain -- the responsibility of the volunteer course contributors and, since April 2021, the paid freelance course contributors.

And with the hundreds of thousands of reports to go through, it will probably take the current course contributors years to get to this one.

Until then, feel free to keep reporting Ich lese gerne in meiner Freizeit as an acceptable translation, but don't bother posting about it here in the sentence discussion, which is mainly read by other learners who can't do anything about it.

Your sentence is completely fine.


When do you use "gern" versus "gerne"?


Whenever you like.

A bit like "till" versus "until" in English, they are perfect synonyms and mean exactly the same thing.

(Exception: some fixed phrases. I would only say gern geschehen, not gerne geschehen, for example.)

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why not "Ich mag in meiner Freizeit lesen " which appears to me to convey better the sense of the English i was supposed to translate, which was not "In my free time I like reading"


How unnatural would it be to say 'ich mag zu lesen' instead of 'ich lese gerne'?


Very unnatural.

Ich mag es, zu lesen is a little bit better -- that's still not very natural but Ich mag zu lesen simply sounds wrong to me.


what's up with the second ich? Ich lese ich gern... Never heard anything like this.


It's nonsense. A mistake.


"Ich lese gerne in meiner Freizeit" Duo commented, You missed a word. What word did I miss?


One of the accepted sentences is Ich lese ich gerne in meiner Freizeit, which is (unfortunately) nonsense.

This sentence was added by Pearson contributors; see https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24066422 for an announcement of the effect this has had. Many of their sentences are fine but some (such as this one) contain mistakes.


Thanks for the explanation


Whats the rule of this order?? I know the order but can't remeber why


Whats the rule of this order?

"The verb goes in the second position".

So if you have a prepositional phrase such as in meiner Freizeit first, then the verb lese comes next and then the subject ich. Then everything else, which is just gerne.


In my eyes it should also be correct to say "freihen Zeit" instead of Freizeit...


I could agree that my version "In meiner Freizeit lese ich gern" is not very German, but the suggested option "Ich lese ich gern in meiner Freizeit" is even worse, isn't it?


I disagree. Both of your sentences are perfectly acceptable to say in German.

(native speaker)


(Without the second ich)

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