"To jídlo je pro Matěje."

Translation:The food is for Matěj.

February 10, 2018

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I said "This food is for Matej." Does it have to be "the food"?


Except when it's to. Seriously 80% of the time in duolingo examples, "To xxxx" means "This xxxx". And sometimes, you get a mistake because you use it....


I challenge you to show us one example where "to xxx" means "this xxx" (where xxx is a noun).

The only time something like this is allowed is when "this is xxx" can also be translated as "to je xxx" (alongside of "toto je xxx"). But that's a different "this".


Why is Matěj accusative with the verb být?

Is it because of "pro"? Like would "Ten muž je Matěj" but there it's Matěje because it is PRO Matěj?


Yes, pro takes accusative. The same is German für, also takes accusative.



Is it the same thing with possessives pronouns? Would I say to je můj přitele?


In your sentence, you would use "přitel," because the verb is "je" and you need the nominative case. But you are right that "přítele" would be the accusative form. So, if you wanted to say, "I HAVE a friend," for example, you could say, "Já mám přítele."


Possessive pronouns don't affect the case of the noun - on the contrary, they take the same case as the noun they modify.

To je přítel. (It's a friend.) -> To je můj (nom.) přítel (nom.).

Dej to příteli. (Give it to a friend.) -> Dej to mému (dat.) příteli (dat.).

Dárek pro přítele (a present for a friend) -> Dárek pro mého (acc.) přítele (acc).

S přítelem (with a friend) -> S mým (instr.) přítelem (instr.)



Warum gibt es keine Möglichkeit von deutsch tschechisch zu lernen?


The contents of all these courses are created by volunteers. Perhaps you can make a Czech from German course in the future ;)


in the sentence before an alternative to food was meal. So i tried it out in this exercise and wrote This meal is for Matej and it was rejected. So. When is jidlo food and when is it meal?


You error is in "this", not in "meal". Meal is accepted.


aha! ok thanks would this then be toto jidlo... ?

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