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Die Studentin not accepted

any reason why "die studentin" is not accepted when a translation of "the university student" is asked for? Any reason why there's also no way to discuss this translation or report it other than to say that the picture is wrong?

[screenshot link below] https://www.dropbox.com/s/zw8u0rcb31bd1fa/Screenshot%202018-02-11%2007.44.38.png?dl=0

February 10, 2018



Picture exercises don't have associated discussions nor is it possible to report them. (I don't know why.)

I think I've found the exercise you mentioned and I've added die Studentin as an alternative answer.

It may take a while before that change is "live".

If you come across something like that in the future, it's helpful to indicate which unit the exercise came from -- in this case, "Occupation 1" aka "Occup. 1".


"die Studentin" should be accepted, in my opinion, but you wrote "die studentin".


I've never known the course reject an answer for failure to capitalise a noun–at most it will flag it up as a typo.
The picture appears to show a male student, however, so perhaps one is supposed to notice this when providing an answer (I'm pretty sure I've seen a similar picture depicting a female student, too).

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You are right, sometimes just to type faster I do not capitalize anything and I never get dinged for it. Which means getting rebuked, reprimanded, or rejected.


If it is, it's inconsistent with their use of images generally, which are not fussy to the point of being meaningless. If it's showing a bloke it should want the male form, but given that they often show plural images to cue singular forms and vice versa (for example), there's no telling what they want. :-/


I think you are right about the picture being a MALE student.

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