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  5. "The black turtle eats bread."

"The black turtle eats bread."

Translation:La tortue noire mange du pain.

March 20, 2013



This turtle is ill, maybe it is because of all the bread it is eating. Black coloration cannot be healthy.


Man I have to say, I keep losing hearts over these little la/le un/une mistakes and it's extremely disheartening (heh). In spoken french does it really make that big of a difference?


Yes, unfortunately definite and indefinite articles are not interchangeable because they convey different meanings.

This a summary on articles:

If the English is : o INDEFINITE ARTICLE - "we are eating an apple" means "one apple", so "nous mangeons une pomme" (indefinite article, singular). - "we are eating apples" means "a certain number of apples", so "nous mangeons des pommes (indefinite article, plural).

o DEFINITE ARTICLE - "we are eating the apple" means "a specific apple", so "nous mangeons la pomme" (definite article, singular). - "we are eating the apples" means "several apples", so "nous mangeons les pommes" (definite article, plural).

o "we are eating bread", it means "a piece of bread, some bread", so "nous mangeons du pain (du = contraction of de + definite article le) - "we are eating meat" means "a portion of meat, some meat", so "nous mangeons de la viande (de + definite article)


How do I differentiate the female turtle and the male turtle? "La torture noire" is female, so " le torture noir" is male?


You can't differentiate them. If you want to be precise, you can say "une tortue mâle" and "une tortue femelle".

By the way, "la tortuRe" (in English: TORTURE) is much more scary than "la tortue"...

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