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getting started translating

Is there a method to the madness when getting started translating here? From comments in discussions, there used to be text to translate as you worked through some of the lesson topics, but I can't see those. I really don't know where to begin. Are there any translations for beginners?

March 20, 2013



There never were translations for beginners, although translations were required to "master" units (and they still are for most users—you got the new beta version, apparently). Try reading those articles you can find in Translaions from time to time. At first they are incredibly hard, but when you are one third or one half down the skill tree, you'll be able to translate something.


Ah, I see. I wouldn't really be difficult to post a set of beginners' texts, to help new learners get started. They would just have to find materials for children on the internet. It would be a start anyway!

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