"Jak se cítil po třech měsících toho jídla?"

Translation:How did he feel after three months of that food?

February 11, 2018

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The slow version of the audio say "do". It should say "po". The regular speed is fine.


Věta "Jak se cítil po třech měsících toho jídla" zní v češtině velmi nepřirozeně


Is "meal" incorect?


Although jídlo can be translated as both "food" and "meal," the latter is not currently accepted. To my native AmE ear, if we use "meal" in this sentence, it sounds like he ate nothing but, for example, eggs, bacon, home fries and a glass of milk for three months straight...


yes i think so. i thought what he felt after exactly this meal. he can ate something bad. what were the consequences.


Rodilý Čech by řekl spíše "Jak se cítil po třech měsících takové stravy"


The word "strava" does not belong to this course.


Damn! Again marked as wrong?! My translation was: How did he feel of that food after three months? Why it was marked as wrong???


"to feel of something" is not an existing English expression. Plus you're trying to say something that the Czech sentence does not mean.

And please, don't swear and use excessive question marks, it's rude. Your conduct in these forums has been rude for a while.

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