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  5. "It is half past one already."

"It is half past one already."

Translation:Už je půl druhé.

February 11, 2018



Why "To je uz pul druhe" is not accepted? The rule(s) for the location of the words in a sentence seems completely random or illogical to me.


"To je už půl druhé?" is a question which you use when you are surprised how late it is. And it is more common to switch it to "To už je půl druhé?"

I am unfortunately not able to provide you more insight in Czech random word order, however, I can tell you that it is very rare to express the subjet "it = to" when speaking about time:

"It is half past one = Je půl druhé."

"It is noon = Je poledne"

In both examples it is impossible to use "to". You might use "ono (je půl druhé)" but this is again very rare and possible in few contexts only.

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