What are lingots and how do you get them?

April 15, 2014


Hi SreesawG,

If you go to your Home tab (blue bar at the top of the screen), you'll see "Lingot store". If you click on that and scroll down, you'll see instructions ^_^

Thank you Redaeros!

The lingots are money for duolingo, their function is buy add ons in the store. get them it is easy you must make the tree of lengua (start) and translations of documents (inmersion)

Sorry for my grammar focus, i speak spanish

Gracias por su ayuda, LuisNio3 :)

Estos son algunos cambios que puede hacer para mejorar sus frases:

"You must make the tree of lengua (start)" --> "You must do the language tree"


"transations of documents (Inmersion)" --> "Translating documents (Immersion)"

Buena suerte con sus estudios! ^_^

Gracias por sus correcciones y felicidades escribe muy claro en espaƱol

A veces... jajaja :)

they are virtual currency of Duolingo and you can earn one by finishing a lesson and you can earn two of them by finishing a whole category ex: food, phrases, baisics

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