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What is the French word for bullying?

Can anyone tell me the French word for bullying please? or the most commonly used term for it? I have been told that it is 'le bizutage' but I can't find this term on Word Reference or even on google translate. It seems more likely to be 'l'agression' or 'le harcèlment'. Thanks :)

February 11, 2018



Yes, and "intimidation" is also used more than in English. "brimades" is another word for an uncountable amount of bullying which is always feminine plural. http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-french/bullying

"le bizutage" is used especially for "hazing". http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/bizutage

Word Reference and Google Translate are not the best dictionaries to use. http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/bizutage/9587




Thank you very much, I've given you a lingot :)


bizutage is a process of breaking in someone new to a group. Like making the new person or persons do all the dirty work or do an act to prove their loyalty and seriousness of being a part of that group. Bizut means novice or rookie. This is an act that is voluntary on both parts meaning they have a choice to back out but the price is they get dropped from the group. Bullying is an act that someone forces on another for their own self egoistic selves. I can see how this could look similar but they are definitely not the same. So it's like I said it depends on the way you are using it. French works very strong on subject and objective subject. So unlike English using your words loosely can set a whole different reaction. Hope I didn't make this confusing Hope it helps Bonne Chance :)


Thank you for your help :)


Brutaliser , Malmener depends on what type and what level of bullying your are referring to. But these such get your point across well


The common word in the medias these days is 'harceler" "harcèlement " about what happens in schools , pupils being mean to someone, making fun of him, insulting him , sometimes with violence.

For once the french medias managed to find one french word to talk about this without using a english word . Prevent bullying at school came in France from the US maybe 1 or 2 years ago, we practically didn't talk about this before ..! ...so the need of a specific word .

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