"Gaeth y lleidr ei ddal gan Owen a Morgan."

Translation:The thief was caught by Owen and Morgan.

February 11, 2018



It is so hard having whole sentences as a dictation question before we've seen them written in Welsh.

February 11, 2018

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Yes, I agree, but as we have pointed out to you on numerous occasions we have no control over the way the Duolingo algorithm selects questions. Hopefully things will improve when Duolingo introduces the 'levels' option.

When this happens to me I just try and guess and compare my guess with the solution when I get corrected. It usually takes 3 or 4 tries before I get it right.

February 11, 2018


But Owen was shot, so that is false evidence! I'm the best detective ever :D

February 19, 2018


So glad Owen has done something brave at last!

February 20, 2018
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