"I am carrying the last twelve eggs."

Translation:Nesu posledních dvanáct vajíček.

February 11, 2018



I need some help with this one! My answer -- Nesu poslední dvanáct vajíček -- was wrong. So...

1 - Does "nést" require the genitive case? If not...

2 - Do I need to get this in my head as "twelve last eggs," in order for it to make sense (to me) why "last" is genitive plural (because it follows the number)?

3 - Would the English translation of my answer (Nesu poslední dvanáct vajíček) be "I am carrying twelve OF the last eggs"? Meaning, for example, that there are 30 eggs left, and I'm carrying 12 of them?

Sorry to have SO many questions, but I really appreciate your answers!

February 11, 2018


1 "Nést" requires accusative: "Nesu koho/co - vajíčka/muže/ženu/dítě"

3 "Nesu poslední dvanáct vajíček" doesn't mean anything, the endings don't match to each other. "I am carrying twelve of the last (30) eggs" would be "Nesu dvanáct z těch posledních (třiceti) vajíček."

2 Let's dissasemble this sentence to elements. Czech numerals are tricky because they can figure as the object of the sentence.

Nesu vajíčka -> Nesu + accusative

Nesu dvanáct -> Nesu + accusative of the numeral

posledních dvanáct -> Numeral + adjective in genitive when numeral is 5 or larger

(poslední tři - > Numeral + adjetive in accusative for numbers 1, 2, 3, 4)

Dvanáct vajíček -> Numeral + genitive (litterally 12 of what?)

Nesu dvanáct vajíček -> Numeral + accusative of numeral + genitive

Nesu posledních dvanáct vajíček/ Nesu dvanáct posledních vajíček - both are correct :-)

Well... How easy is that? :-D Good luck learning it...

February 11, 2018


Being a bonehead, I forgot to Follow This Discussion, so I just now saw your TERRIFIC answers to my (too many) questions! You have explained this whole thing beautifully, and I really appreciate your taking the time to do it. The Czech team is awesome!!!

March 3, 2018


Great explanation. Frightening grammar :) Many thanks.

July 10, 2018


I wrote: "Nesu TĚCH posledních dvanáct vajíček", which was rejected. Is it possible to use definite article here? If so, should it be in the genitive or in the accusative case?

August 3, 2019


Yes thanks to BoneheadBass for the question (I was puzzled by this one also) and for the amazing answer. There is another question in this lesson, with dalších in the sentence, to which this also applies...

May 27, 2019


"Nesu dvanáct poslednich vajíček " je také česky.Dal jsem i tlačítkem

July 14, 2019


To je, ale je to totéž? A je last twelve eggs a twelve last eggs totéž?

July 14, 2019
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