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  5. "You will not drink beer"

"You will not drink beer"

Translation:Hutakunywa bia

February 11, 2018



Why do they not accept "hamtakunywa"??? I reported it, but come on... If your language has more than one "you," both or all should be programmed in as correct answers.


Yeah. Agree.

Also, almost all languages have more than one "you". It's English that's really strange in not distinguishing plural or singular (at least in formal standard varieties of English).


hamtakunywa is not accepted. I donĀ“t know why


Annoying when hamtakunywa must also be right.


Why is it "-kunywa" instead of "-nywa"?


With verbs whose stems are only one syllable (eg. ku-la, ku-nywa) (note that ny is pronounced as one single consonant!), this -ku- appears in certain instances to prevent the stress on the second last syllable falling on a prefix that cannot take the stress. The prefixes -na-, -li-, -ta- and -me- all cause this to happen. Their respective negative forms do not - but note that -ta- is also used in the negative.

Unakunywa = you drink
Hunywi = you don't drink

Ulikunywa = you drank
Hukunywa = you didn't drink (The -ku- indicates the negative past.)

Utakunywa = you will drink
Hutakunywa = you will not drink

Umekunywa = you have drunk
Hujanywa = you have not drunk

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