"Quando ela vai ao supermercado?"

Translation:When does she go to the supermarket?

March 20, 2013

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how do I choose between "a" and "para" with the verb "ir"?


Ir para - to go for a long distance, to move

Ir a - to go for a short distance

But most of people use "ir para" most of the time...

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    Is it then more likely to hear this sentence?

    • Quando ela vai pro supermercado?


    When is she going to the supermarket? Why is this incorrect and how would you write this in Porguguese?


    The translation for this sentences is quando ela está indo ao supermercado or quando ela vai ao supermercado. This sentence should be accepted as well as "when will she go to the supermarket?"


    Because of the tense "vai" of the verb "ir (to go)". "When is she going" would be translated to "irá (to go)"


    Would it make a big difference if I used "store" instead of "supermarket"?

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