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Repeating Verbal Exercises

Salut! Is there a way to redo the speaking exercises? I am constantly mispronouncing words enough to get the question wrong. On the Android app, I am able to try again two more times. If I get it wrong on those tries, the question disappears into the abyss. If I am on the website, I get one try. I first noticed this when I accidentally pressed stop while speaking (the website was being laggy) meaning I was wrong, having only said three of ten words.

Is there a reason for this? Am I even posting this in the right spot? I don't feel like I am learning the pronunciations as efficiently as possible. I've learned the spelling of many words by repeatedly getting them wrong in my practices. Could we at least get the exercises to show up later in the practice or lesson like most other questions?

February 11, 2018

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In my experience, the questions, including the pronunciation exercises, I get wrong do show up later in the lesson. However it helps me to have the sound on during all of my lessons, and to repeat the words after the recording says it, trying to imitate the recording.

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