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Immersion up votes not showing up

EDIT Answered by Luscina below
I'm keeping this up in case others come in with the same question


I'm on Windows7/Firefox.

I am receiving lingots for some work I did in Immersion (I believe that is their source because I've had a 40-50 lingot jump in 2 days), however, no new up votes are showing in the count. I waiting for the last day or so to see if they would show up on their own. But, I just checked and it still says 10.

This isn't an emergency, just a slight inconvenience. Would someone please take a peek into this for me when you've got some time?

Thank you :)

April 15, 2014



This is because you receive lingots for material being checked with an upvote, but upvotes in the count towards your tier only for upvotes from those at a higher level than you. It's what happens to everyone.


Many thanks, i was wondering where all those lingots were coming from! Can you tell me why everyone seems to lose interest about a third or half way through every article in immersion. I did a complete article and from the halfway mark on, nobody seems to have read it. I am wondering how half articles can be of use to Duolingo?


Most articles in Immersion are for practice. The articles that support Duolingo monetarily are marked "Commercial". I imagine people get very fired up to help complete those documents :)


Many thanks, your reply is much appreciated and very helpful.


Thank you for that info Luscinda, my gmail tucked the notice that you had responded under jeanprendiville's, so, I just noticed.


oh this makes a lot more sense, which explains why it is getting so hard to reach immersion level 8...


yes this is happening to me as well, i think the votes are a little lagged behind...


@Orangeareos, what operating system and browser are you using?


windows 7, chrome


I use Chrome and nothing's wrong.

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