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  5. "Nitacheza kidogo!"

"Nitacheza kidogo!"

Translation:I am going to dance a bit!

February 11, 2018



I am going to dance a little should be correct as well


My answer should be correct, since kucheza means to dance and to play


As I commented before-right or wrong always depends to a certain degree on what you expect a language to be- as a " lingua franca" almost every translation is fine and not possible to include- if you are "fusspotting" like its done a lot in this lesson one should accept British solutions too- or even in first place. F.i. you can only use "a bit" for things you can actually bite off- so you don't dance " a bit" but you dance" a little"- and in no case you drink a bit (it's " a drop")- you still have not paid and you go to the market first and so on and on and on. As much as I enjoy the possibility to keep on learning this beautiful swahili language as much is the constant correction of correct English to less correct English a real turn off- I keep on reporting....


"I am going to dance a bit!" is fine in English. Meanwhile, "I am going to drink a drop!" sounds strange to me. Dialect diversity methinks.

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